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Film House understands the unique challenges faced by non–profit organizations. We've also been blessed with enough success that we sometimes have the ability to produce films pro bono or at reduced rates. In either case, we know you have a mission, and to the extent that a powerful film or Public Service Announcement can uniquely further that mission, we're ready to help.

"Camp Horizon", a seven minute fund–raising film for the American Cancer Society, has helped raise over $1 million for Camp Horizon.

"Jubilee" is a half–hour documentary commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Fisk University Jubilee Singers, including highlights from the first ever Jubilee Singers reunion concert.

“Self Direction: Your Life, Your Choice” is a half–hour documentary for The Arc of Tennessee on an alternative to nursing home care for the disabled.

"Cancer in the Workplace" is an hour–long DVD for the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.

Over the years Film House has produced a number of films and public service announcements for non–profit groups for free or at reduced rates. Because of the demand for such work, we've developed the following system for pro bono requests. Working with the non–profit group, we determine the scope of work and the ability to pay, if any. We then present the project to the Film House staff and regular freelancers to see if they're willing to work on the project pro bono or at reduced rates. If enough people volunteer their time or reduce their rates, Film House makes its facilities and equipment available pro bono or at reduced rates.

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