Film House is the largest producer of films for the U. S. government.

Since the 1970's, when we won our first contract with American Forces Radio & Television Service (AFRTS), Film House has created more spot announcements and longer films for government agencies than any other production company. Now we've been selected to produce the film and audio for the immersive theatrical environment on World War I for the new National Museum of the United States Army which is scheduled to open in 2013.

In 1998 Film House won the largest contract awarded by the U.S. government for film production. After an exhaustive six month bidding and vetting process competing against the top film production companies in the country, Film House was selected to create and produce hundreds of TV and radio spot announcements annually for airing on the American Forces Radio & Television Service. We've been re–awarded the AFRTS contract each year since.

The spots we produce for AFRTS are used by the Department of Defense to communicate command information to Service Members stationed around the world. Some are designed to inspire, such as the amazing stories of each Medal of Honor recipient; some to educate, such as how does a service member vote from overseas; some to motivate, such as smoking cessation. Each spot created for AFRTS is unique and designed to meet a specific objective. Film House is responsible for every aspect of production, from developing multiple creative approaches for each objective to researching, scripting, producing and editing the final product.

In Film House, our government clients find a customer–focused company that understands the unique demands for accountability and transparency required by government contracts, coupled with our ability to deliver world class quality at a remarkably reasonable price.

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