The Direct TV® Birthday Game Campaign is the most powerful cume–building promotion ever created for radio. Since Film House produced the first Direct TV® Birthday Game campaign for New York's Z100, this turnkey promotion has helped hundreds of radio stations worldwide have their best book ever. (Click here to see a spot from the first Birthday Game campaign.)

The core of the Birthday Game is a powerful television campaign that brings massive cume to your radio station in morning drive. That cume is then methodically recycled into other dayparts and successive days, resulting in increased TSL. This powerful combination of cume–building and recycling results in increased quarter hour shares for your station, especially in key adult demos.

There are four main reasons why the Birthday Game packs such ratings punch:

1. IT'S SO EASY. People perceive their chances of winning a substantial prize in the Birthday Game to be 1 in 365. Plus, most folks think of their birthday as lucky. That's why most lottery tickets are purchased based on people's birthdays. This is the power of the birthday as a giveaway mechanism. No other trigger carries this perception of such a terrific chance of winning.

2. BIG CASH PRIZES AT A SPECIFIC TIME. Even people who normally wouldn't get involved in a radio contest play the Birthday Game because of the perceived good chance of winning a substantial cash prize. And by telling them exactly when you'll announce the winning birthday, it's easy for them to find out if they've won without the forced–listening hoops most radio contests make listeners jump through.

3. NOTHING TO REMEMBER. Your listeners have everything they need to win. They already know their "lucky number" by heart, so there's nothing to carry around or memorize.

4. GUARANTEED WINNERS. Unlike many radio contests, there's a guaranteed winner every time you play the Birthday Game. And with the Recycling Plan there are plenty of chances to win. 

The Birthday Game from Film House is a turnkey, market–proven action plan that has helped hundreds of leading radio stations across the United States, Canada, and around the world achieve their highest ratings ever. Never in the history of radio has a marketing campaign generated such consistent and dramatic ratings results.

The Direct TV® Birthday Game Campaign is licensed exclusively to one station per market. To find out if it's available in your market, call Film House at 615–255–4000 or drop us an e–mail.