Film House is pioneering a worldwide revolution in marketing luxury homes by using mini-movies - complete with story lines, actors, musical scores and even aerial photography - that are set in the homes to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. Our first three mini-movies are all remarkable success stories, with the homes selling ten months faster than the average for seven-figure listings!

Our mini-movies have even been featured in a major article in The Wall Street Journal and on KPCC public radio in Los Angeles. (Click the Listen Now button on the left of their page.)

Real Estate movies

Using Mini-Movies to Market Luxury Homes
This short film provides an overview of our mini-movies, including how the cost is structured.

"Film House and their exceptional team of professionals far exceeded all my expectations! If youíre looking for an impressive and unique "WOW" factor to promote your listings, Film Houseís mini-movies will give you the cutting edge. Not only is the mini-movie a fantastic promotional tool for your luxury listings, itís an outstanding promotional tool for your business."

~Mollie Owen, Realtor, Hodge & Kittrell, Sotheby's International Realty, Raleigh, NC, President, Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors

2205 Woodmont Download the detailed Woodmont Case Study

The first mini-movie we produced went online September 22, 2012, eleven days after the house went on the market. Almost immediately a potential buyer from England saw the movie and said they wanted to write an offer before even seeing the home in person. Within days a contract was executed for 96% of the $1,495,000 listing price. The sale closed January 14, 2013.

3123 Parthenon Download the detailed Parthenon Case Study

This was the second mini-movie we created, and the first one we produced for a home that had been on the market for some time. 3123 Parthenon was first listed on July 31, 2012. When few showings and no offers had materialized by October, the homeowner commissioned a mini-movie.

We came up with creative targeting a sophisticated, cosmopolitan buyer. The mini-movie went online October 24, 2012, three months after the house went on the market. Within days a producer from the hit TV show "Nashville" saw the movie and called to see if they could film in the home. The resulting location fees covered the cost of producing the mini-movie.

A few days later a buyer who had been shopping in a much lower price range saw the mini-movie. Shortly after Thanksgiving the house was under contract for $1,249,000. The sale closed February 21, 2013.

4001 Estes Download the detailed Estes Case Study

Our Realtor clients were competing with several other Realtors to win this listing. By the time they finished their presentation that concluded with the mini-movies we'd produced for 2205 Woodmont and 3123 Parthenon, the owners were hooked.

Given the wealth of musical talent in Nashville, we decided to have a song written expressly for this house, which is a unique property that was originally a barn. The resulting song, "Sweet Refuge", beautifully captured both the essence of the house and the fact that it's a secluded home in the heart of Green Hills.

The mini-movie went live on January 17, 2013. In less than a month there were two offers. The sale for $1,295,000 (93% of the listing price) closed March 28, 2013, only ten weeks after the movie went online!

The Nashville Business Journal featured our mini-movies to sell luxury homes in a cover story. Not to be outdone, The Tennessean featured our mini-movies in a cover story in their Sunday Real Estate section. And here's a story that ran on the top-rated newscast on the CBS affiliate NewsChannel 5:

And now Doug Revere has joined the Film House Real Estate team as President. Doug was most recently the Complex Director for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, leading a team of over 120 Financial Advisers. Doug has also been a Realtor in Beverly Hills and Telluride, two of America's most desirable locations for luxury properties.

Film House mini-movies are revolutionizing the way high end homes are sold across the country and around the world. Let us show you how to secure more seven-figure listings, shorten the sales cycle, make your listings stand out from the rest and create an emotional connection with prospective buyers by using our mini-movies. We'll also show you how to have the homeowner cover the cost of producing the mini-movie. Just email or call Doug Revere or Wayne Campbell at 615-255-4000 for more information.

Real Estate movies

Curt Hahn

Film House CEO Curt Hahn presented Using Mini-movies to Market Luxury Homes at NAR in San Francisco. Click here for Curt's presentation on how Film House mini-movies are revolutionizing the sale of high end homes around the world.

"Film House's mini-movies are a game-changer. I plan to use them on all my seven-figure listings. Iím certain the mini-movies will differentiate me as a leading Luxury Real Estate Agent and help me earn more Luxe listings as a result."

~Vikki Bearman, Realtor, Empire Realty Associates, Walnut Creek, CA

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